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Prolific television director Gary Nelson made the Walt Disney live-action comedy Freaky Friday, based on the novel by Mary Rodgers. Barbara Harris stars as suburban housewife Ellen Andrews, the wife of Bill (John Astin) and the mother of Annabel (Jodie Foster) and Ben (Sparky Marcus). Ellen just can't understand what's going on with teenaged Annabel, who hangs around the house making snappy remarks, eating ice cream for breakfast, and calling her brother Apeface. They each make a separate wish to be in the other's place, and they get their wish on Friday 13th. Ellen has to go through the day as a kid, playing on the field hockey team and dealing with typing class. Annabel has to deal with grown-up problems like getting appliances fixed and preparing a banquet. The whole silly story ends with a wacky car-chase/water skiing/hang-gliding conclusion in keeping with other Disney movies of the day. Freaky Friday was remade twice with the same title, and spawned a whole subgenre of body-switching movies in the 1980s. ~ Andrea LeVasseur, All Movie Guide


Rating: 5 out of 5 stars - A movie that needs no remake
"Freaky Friday" is a true classic film to come from the world of Disney.
With Jodie Foster, one of the most brilliant and beautiful actresses of her generation, as Annabel, and the vivacious Barbara Harris as her mom, Ellen "Freaky Friday" has gone down in my history of film watching as one of the best all around.
Upon seeing the preview of the new version with jamie lee curtis, I immediately seeked out the orginal. It is funny, and just a pure joy to view multiple times.
The movie's basic plot is it's Friday the 13th, and Annabel and her mom are at war with each other. They both exclaim "i wish I could trade places with her", and their wishes come true!
The hijinks and chaos ensues.
Here's a film you can watch with your entire family. How many movies can you say that about these days?
it's utterly unforgettable, and even now that I am no longer a kid, I will always have a special place in my heart for this sweet silly story.